The Fastest Way to Destroy Hydraulic Equipment

release date: 08/28/2016

tags: Hydraulics

hydraulics1.jpgEquipment using hydraulics requires considerate care. Even the most seasoned technicians could inadvertently make big mistakes when it comes to maintaining their hydraulic systems. This costs time and money in the long run.

Worried about the longevity of your newest piece of hydraulic equipment or wondering why an existing machine is always on the fritz? Here’s what may be happening.

Changing Filters on Schedule

It is imperative hydraulic filters are changed in scheduled service intervals generally determined by the OEM. When the filters become full of debris, the bypass valve opens. This should always be avoided. When the bypass valve opens, particulates quietly increase in the oil. This decreases the lifespan of all the machine’s hydraulic components.

Mistakenly Assuming Self-Lubrication

It is common for machine operators to install and run a machine under the incorrect assumption that the machine is self-lubricating. Although you may not notice the mistake at first, over time the machine’s gears, pads and belts wear down under improper conditions. If you have any questions about hydraulic setup, maintenance or operation, please do not hesitate to call Protech International today for help.

Running Hot

Allowing your machinery to run too hot causes undue wear and tear and degradation of the oil. How hot your machine can safely operate depends on its viscosity index. Heat that exceeds the viscosity index actually causes the oil to fall below lubricating levels. Extreme high heat can also damage seals and hoses.

Protech Can Help You Maintain Your Hydraulic Equipment

the-most-common-hydraulic-equipment-mistakes-and-how-to-fix-them-ebook-cover-protech-international (1).pngIs your machinery being properly maintained? If you have invested thousands or even millions in state-of-the-art hydraulics, why risk the “health” of those machines by being unaware?

Protech International specializes in repairing and consulting on hydraulic equipment. We can help you determine any weakness in your system and even work with you to evaluate new and previously-owned purchases you are considering.

Give our experienced technicians a call today to find out more regarding our extensive hydraulic services or to learn about the parts and machinery we distribute.

For more information on the most common hydraulics mistakes, download our e-book here.