Brandenburger Thermal Insulation Products: Unlimited Solutions for Manufacturers

release date: 03/02/2016

tags: Brandenburger, Brand Spotlights

brandenburger_ISO_Startseite_FB.jpgThe Brandenburger Group, based out of Germany, has been a global leader in high-tech composite materials for more than 70 years, and it’s this expertise that has recognized the brand in the field of heat production technology.

Brandenburger has excelled in areas where heat protection, temperature resistance, compressive strength, energy efficiency, and protection of machines and plants are vital to the success of a business.

Not only does Brandenburger develop and manufacture specialized, high-precision insulation to be used as ablation material in the aerospace industry, but it also develops thermal insulation solutions for a wide range of construction services and press manufacturers, and is a leading manufacturer on technology for trenchless sewer rehabilitation.

Brandenburger Products Offered Through Protech International

Innovation is the driving force for Brandenburger and this is not lost through its relationship with Protech International.

Protech is proud to be a supplier of Brandenburger thermal insulation products to the North American market and offers the lowest possible pricing. Many products are stocked in Protech’s North Carolina warehouse and expedited delivery is offered for any products not in stock.

The following Brandenburger products can be found through Protech International:

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