Brand Spotlight: LAWECO

release date: 06/13/2016

tags: Brand Spotlights, LAWECO

laweco_hebesysteme_logo.gifProtech is proud to be a stateside distributor of LAWECO lifts and tables. LAWECO, headquartered in Germany, is Europe’s leading manufacturer of individual lifting solutions, renowned for their quality and dedication to service.

History of LAWECO

Like many German manufacturing powerhouses, LAWECO has a storied history. It was founded in 1979 by Dieter Brinkmeyer and partners and is still under the direction of Brinkmeyer today. With only 20 employees at its outset, LAWECO is today one of the leading suppliers of lift systems in Europe with over 110 employees based in their Espelkamp production facility. The company is still family operated and counts itself as a member of VDMA, a respected German engineering association.

LAWECO Products

LAWECO’s specialty is lifting tables and platforms for commercial and manufacturing applications. Many traditional aircraft ground handling equipment is LAWECO brand, and the company offers a number of special constructions for clients all over the world.

The most popular products in the brand’s line of solutions include flat lift platforms, spindle lift platforms, push-chain lift platforms, belt lift platforms, and loading lift platforms. Protech International offers an array of LAWECO products and services including the LAWECO Feeding Station, Separating Station, and several models of Heavy-Duty Platforms.

How are LAWECO’s lift tables different? It’s all in the construction. The top frame of every LAWECO lift is made of closed sections, mounted to the base using a solid steel scissor lift. The scissor lift design offers maximum rigidity and precision guiding. The base frame of each unit is self-supporting, meaning no additional grounding is needed. This makes LAWECO’s products readily rearrangeable, mobile, and portable.

Protech and LAWECO

LAWECO partners with the best U.S. distributors, Protech included. Protech International offers not only a full line of LAWECO lifting parts and tables, but they can also service and repair existing LAWECO products at your facility. Specializing in laminating equipment, many of Protech’s clients prefer LAWECO feeding and lifting tables for their unsurpassed safety features and longevity.

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