Brand Spotlight: HAWE Industrial Hydraulics

release date: 04/06/2016

tags: Brand Spotlights, HAWE

hydraulics1.jpgSince 1949, HAWE Hydraulik (then known as Heilmeier und Weinlein, Fabrik for Oelhydraulik GmbH & Co. KG.) has been a leader in quality hydraulic solutions based in Munich, Germany. Founded with a spirit of ingenuity and strength, the now-international HAWE Hydraulik SE has over 2,000 employees around the world.

HAWE now works with a carefully-curated list of around 30 brand partners, one of which is Protech International. Protech is proud to offer Hawe’s state-of-the-art hydraulic solutions for commercial applications in the Charlotte area and beyond.


High-Quality Hydraulics

Thanks to a tireless dedication to quality and craftsmanship, HAWE products are internationally known for their consistency and reliability. The ‘calling card’ of HAWE’s hydraulic products is, in a word, steel. From manual valves to cutting-edge proportional systems, everything the brand makes comes with the dependability of steel and never with pressurized cast iron or aluminum.

Today, HAWE’s products can be found in myriad applications, including, but not limited to:

HAWE loyalists continually taut the compact size of the company’s hydraulic solutions. Clean design and constant innovation allow HAWE to offer smaller, more streamlined parts to already-crowded industrial sites. Award-winning design goes hand-in-hand with specialties such as low and no leakage and products designed specifically for special operating conditions.

Protech is an Official US Distributor of HAWE Hydraulik

Protech International works in tandem with the highly-trained hydraulics specialists at HAWE Hydraulik to continually provide our customers with the best in modular concept hydraulics and more. From valves to lifts to full-scale cylinders, Protech is proud to supply the Carolinas with a wide array of products bearing the Hawe name, which stands for an unwavering commitment to quality.

For more information about how HAWE Hydraulik products can make your job more efficient, contact your local Protech International representative today.