Brand Spotlight: END-Armaturen

release date: 12/09/2016

tags: Brand Spotlights, END-Armaturen, Valves

END armaturen.pngIn the machining industry, when people think “valves,” they often think “END-Armaturen.” Since the very early 1980s, END-Armaturen has been the go-to for production and development of custom valve solutions. Protech International is proud to be a partner in the distribution and repair of END-Armaturen valves in the American market.

About END-Armaturen

Based in Germany like many of the world’s best and brightest manufacturers, END-Armaturen GmbH & Co. has existed in some iteration since 1980. In 1992, the company added the capabilities of END-Automation GmbH, completing its product range.

END-Armaturen isn’t just a supplier of reliable industrial valves, they’re actually heavily invested in R&D in the space. Offering tailored advice, fast turnaround times, and hyper-specific design, the brand has become a standout in the sometimes-crowded valve sector.

Protech and END-Armaturen

Doppelendprofiler-geoeffnet.jpgProtech offers a wide range of END-Armaturen’s valve products. The company produces everything from relief valves to control valves to butterfly valves and more. At Protech, our team works frequently with US-based manufacturers to determine which valve solutions make the most sense for their application; because END-Armaturen offers such a wide array of products, they’re often able to satisfy all the customer’s needs.

A few of the valve solutions we’re most frequently asked about at Protech include:

…but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Because they come in so many sizes and are able to be retrofitted to so many applications, END-Armaturen valves are suitable for dozens of industries. We often work with our customers in woodworking, laminating, and other end-product sectors to find valve solutions that solve problems and make production more efficient.

Questions about whether END-Armaturen valves can solve some of the pain points your business is experiencing? At Protech, we’re product experts. Give us a call to talk about your specific situation today.