Best Practices for Brewery Maintenance

release date: 09/09/2019

tags: END-Armaturen, Brewery Parts, Brewing Equipment, Brewery Maintenance

brewery-parts-protech-international-3.pngIn a recent study conducted by Beall Brewery Insurance, it was revealed that consistency and scheduling are the two most important factors in brewery maintenance. 

It makes sense. The last thing a brewer needs is for equipment to give out, resulting in time, energy and money spent on lost production, lost product, and lost sales. Not to mention, unexpected downtime and loss of product certainly doesn’t create the greatest reputation for your brewery.

So, how can breweries optimize consistency and scheduling to keep up with brewery maintenance?

Implement a System to Maximize Productivity and Maintenance Responsibility

While large breweries may have maintenance technicians on staff, it’s unlikely for microbreweries and breweries that are just starting out. Those maintenance responsibilities are likely to fall on the brewmaster or owner, who is already working hard to develop new beer recipes and keep up with the customer demand, while also working with bars, restaurants, and retailers to sell the brewery’s beer to more markets.

It’s a lot to manage.

Keeping a hard-copy spreadsheet system of the productivity of the brewery along with routine maintenance checks is a start, but it’s certainly not the most efficient way to maximize productivity and ensure unplanned downtime due to equipment failure isn’t occurring. 

Rather, breweries should invest in a computerized system to take the guesswork and time out of brewery maintenance. Not only can software like this help manage a cleaning and equipment inspection schedule, but it can also be automated notify you to order replacement parts so you are always one step ahead of what your brewery operation needs.

The last thing your brewing business needs is frustration from vendors and customers because your product isn’t available, you’ve had to temporarily stop production, or close for maintenance unexpectedly. 

Protech can Help

One of the biggest maintenance struggles brewers meet is how to get the replacement parts they need, at the lowest cost possible, as quickly as possible. Most brewery owners end up going to the initial manufacturer that outfitted their brewery, and this results in replacement parts coming from Europe with expensive currency conversion and international costs. 

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

END armaturen.pngProtech International is proud to be an official US distributor for END Armaturen, a leading manufacturer of valves and sealing kits for breweries. At Protech, we’re proud of the established relationship we hold with END Armaturen, and our engineers boast extensive part knowledge to assist you in selecting the right valve or part for your brewery.

And as an official distributor, Protech supplies the highest quality German parts at the lowest possible price, no currency conversion, and very quickly. Protech can even accommodate custom specifications.

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