Are You Training Your Machining Employees Enough?

release date: 10/30/2016

tags: Safety, Training

protech-international-industrial-equipment.jpegProper training is perhaps more important than any piece of equipment on your production floor. Training is important not only for the safety of your workers but also for the use and maintenance of the equipment itself.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration says that almost 5,000 employees are killed on the job in the U.S. each year. Of those, over 15% of deaths are caused by what’s known as the “Fatal Four,” which includes falls, electrocutions, struck by an object, and being caught in-between. For contractors, the numbers rise dramatically which shows special emphasis needs to be placed on better training for any and all machine operators, even in the short-term.

Additionally, proper training is a hallmark of an efficient, productive operation. In poll after poll, machinists say that better training and documentation allows for fewer on-job errors, better output, and less downtime for the machines themselves.

Are You Providing Enough Training?

Of course, safety training is essential to a machining operation from day one. It’s imperative that all new employees are onboarded with specific training protocol and that requirements for safety gear and operational best-practices are strictly enforced. Training sessions for entire teams and organizations – even management – should be required at least once a year to ensure everyone is up to date. If your facility averages more than one preventable accident on the job a year, you need more safety training.

As for operational training for your machinery, there are a few signs to look for when it comes to knowing whether or not you’re offering enough.

If you notice any of these signs, training is likely a strong investment. Depending on your industry, experienced machinery consultants can offer affordable on-site training in addition to efficiency services that keep your facility running smoothly.

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