4 Reasons Machinery Maintenance is So Important

release date: 04/30/2016

tags: Machine Maintenance, OEE

protech-international-gold-gears.jpegA regular equipment maintenance plan helps your operation run smoother and more efficiently. There are many benefits to maintaining your equipment from the get-go before problems arise, and they all impact your bottom line. Whether you’re managing a production line, a manufacturing plant, or using equipment for one-off projects, machinery maintenance should be an integral part of your annual budget.

Here are four reasons machinery maintenance is so important.

1. Catch Little Issues Before They Become Big Problems

A maintenance program – whether it’s monthly, annually, or bi-annually – can help catch little issues like wear-and-tear before they lead to major malfunctions. Maybe your hydraulics systems need an extra application of a lubricant or your micro-cleaning equipment is on its way to becoming clogged. Having a qualified, experienced machinery specialist inspect your equipment is the only way to be sure you don’t miss any ticking time bombs at your facility.

2. Prevent Downtime and Machinery Loss

When a machine malfunctions, it’s usually not the only piece of the puzzle that suffers. In most production lines and manufacturing facilities, parts work hand-in-hand to complete separate but related jobs; when one machine is down awaiting maintenance the others are, too. Broken machines mean you’ll likely have employees on the clock that can’t complete their objectives, too.

3. Regular Attention is Less Expensive than Big Fixes

When you ignore an ongoing issue with a machine (or simply don’t know one exists), you’re more likely to face a completely ruined part or expensive, time-consuming repair down the road. The nature of heavy machinery is such that regular tune-ups can extend its parts’ lifespan by years through the elimination of clogs, friction-points, and broken valves.

Once certain issues are ignored for too long, they become unfixable. It’s better to spend a little now to keep your machines moving than to have to ante up many times more to replace parts or even entire machines over time.

4. It Can Improve Your Machine's Resell Value

It’s a well-known fact in the mechanical industry that many machines and parts are bought and sold pre-owned. When machinery costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, a well-maintained, used counterpart may only be a fraction of the cost. If you’re ever planning on selling any of your equipment (maybe you intend to scale-up or sell off subsets of the business before retirement) it’s smart to pay for maintenance plan you can show proof of when that day comes.

All machines – cars, medical equipment, computers – need to be maintained by a professional throughout the course of their lifetime for best performance. Equipment maintenance is essential for a well-functioning production facility.

To find out how Protech International can help you solve your equipment maintenance issues, contact us today. We’re here to help your business achieve maximum production capacity and cost efficiency.