4 Reasons it Pays to Buy the Best Quality Woodworking Machines

release date: 11/23/2016

tags: Woodworking

protech-international-operating-machine.jpgIn machinery, as in everything, you get what you pay for. The highest quality woodworking machines are an investment in the future of your business. There are myriad reasons not to scrimp when it comes to machinery and machinery parts, but here are four of the most compelling.

1. Better Machines Make Production More Efficient

In manufacturing, efficiency is key. Machines that run smoothly, quickly, and seamlessly save you money. In woodworking, specifically, efficiency keeps costs low by reducing waste, allowing for faster drying times, and less human handling. The harder your machines are working for you, the better your ROI.

2. High-Quality Machines Breakdown Less Often

There’s a reason brands like Kraft, Wemhoner, and Enrst have become stalwarts in the manufacturing industry. German machining companies, specifically, have a reputation for high-level product development and quality controls.

Hand-built machines made with better parts and better attention to detail break less often and, when maintained correctly, need fewer repairs. That saves you money and results in less downtime.

3. Investment Machines can Retain their Value Longer

Certain brands, makes, and models sell better on the used machinery market. Woodworking machines are highly specialized and the industry is small enough that well-made machines can be sold from owner to owner for years. Like a classic car, the better care you take of your machinery, the more you’ll be able to get back out of your investment long term.

4. Better Machinery Makes a Better Product

At the end of the day, your final product is only as good as your machinery. Better sanders make smoother finishes, better sealants create more permanent seals, and better automation equipment allows for less finish variation. To sell an end-product for a top-notch price, it’s important to have the right tools in place to create a superior result in the first place.

Protech Can Help!

Protech International specializes in high-quality woodworking machines, parts, and consultations. Whether your business needs help determining which machine is the right fit for your floor or you’re just looking for an experienced stateside distributor of a leading German brand, we can help.

Contact our technicians today to find out why your woodworking machinery should always be an investment priority.