3 Things to Consider When Buying an Industrial Sander

release date: 12/16/2016

tags: Woodworking, Sanding

protech-international-equipment.jpegPurchasing an industrial sander is an investment. When upgrading from handheld sanders to larger, higher-volume machines, knowing what factors to consider can make all the difference. You want equipment that performs the job at hand, not the equipment you have to work around.

Protech International is an expert on woodworking and industrial sanders. Here’s what we want you to consider before purchasing a new or used sanding machine.

1. Know Your Sander Types

The first decision you’ll need to make when purchasing an industrial sander is whether you need a belt sander, a disc sander, or a combination sander.

Belt sanders are ideal for metallurgical sanding as well as deburring and graining; disc sanders are more appropriate for angles and maintaining flat surfaces on workpieces. A combination sander obviously gives you multiple options and is a little larger and more complex.

2. Belt Length Matters

The sanding belt is arguably the most important element of your machine, and its length matters. Generally, the smaller the machine, the shorter the sanding belt, but longer belts offer a myriad of benefits beyond size.

More surface area means less wear-and-tear on any one spot, and lack of abrasion will make the belt last longer over time. Additionally, a longer sanding belt means your machine will run cooler, potentially saving you from overheating.

3. Notice the Dimensioning Capabilities

It’s critical to know the width of the boards and materials you plan on sanding. Small or narrow sanding machines may not be able to accommodate your needs without additional equipment such as a thickness planer.

Adding machinery to your lineup not only complicates things, but it also adds expense and increases the likelihood of a needed repair. It’s best, when possible, to purchase a sander that gives you room to grow or to handle larger boards than you think you’ll need.

Have Questions? Ask Protech.

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