3 Daily Cleaning Tips to Help Woodworking Machinery Last Longer

release date: 11/16/2016

tags: Woodworking

woodworking-protech.jpegLarge machinery, particularly woodworking machinery, requires consistent cleaning to stay up and running. It’s easy to let cleaning slide – it happens one day at a time – but before you know it, maintenance issues can cost you thousands in downtime or even result in safety hazards.

Protech International knows woodworking machinery maintenance. Here are our best tips for cleaning your machines daily.

1. Implement a Thorough, Multi-Level Checklist

The most important step in cleaning your machinery properly is knowing your team is trained the right way! Every time you implement a new machine or change the process on the floor, spend time creating and testing a cleaning checklist. It should be easy to follow, non-negotiable, and have very clear measurable as per what’s “clean” and what’s not. On a weekly basis, have a staff member from a different area of the floor double-check that the list is being performed properly.

2. Utilize Micro Cleaning Equipment

Compressed air guns are the secret weapon of the woodworking industry. Woodworking, by design, creates a lot of microscopic refuse. Dust and laminate slough off is a natural byproduct of production, and compressed air cleaners and tiny brush cleaners are the best and most cost-effective way to truly clear out the spaces and slats of your machines. Be sure your staff knows exactly which areas need to be air-gunned on a daily basis, and which should be broken down weekly for a more thorough air out.

3. Do a Daily Floor Sweeping

It’s incredible how much refuse can build up on a production floor! Because factories and production facilities are so large, there’s a lot of square footage to stay on top of. In woodworking, specifically, dust, sawdust, wood chips and more can quickly build up over time. A simple floor sweep at the beginning and end of each shift will help avoid rogue wood pieces jamming up your machines; it may prevent a slip-and-fall accident, too.

Protech International can help guide you through cleaning best-practices for your heavy woodworking machinery. We’re experts at maintaining and repairing machines in the woodworking space and we’re available by phone if you need help determining when it’s time for an outside professional clean.